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ANIMATIONWorld A New Millennium = Some New Tricks

Want to get hired in the new millennium? Well, besides the addition of Flash to your repertoire and keeping an eye on that computer, most of the required skills to get hired and be successful remain the same. However, get ready because high technology is becoming the norm. Here from the industry's top recruiters is advice about what you'll need to be prepared.

"While nothing beats the ability to draw in any year, in the upcoming year it won't hurt an...

ANIMATIONWorld L'INA, un précurseur en matière de nouvelles technologies

Valie Rivoallon prente l'INA, Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, organisme chargde la conservation et du deloppement du patrimoine audiovisuel franis travers la recherche, la formation, la conservation, ainsi que l'organisation de manifestations spialiss. Article disponible en franis et en anglais.