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ANIMATIONWorld The Career Coach: Portfolio Essentials

Whether you are a traditional character animator or a character animator who uses the computer (remember, it's just a tool) you will need a portfolio. All companies whether they are feature film producers or video game producers want the same basic stuff. Here are guidelines to putting together a portfolio that will help you get interviews. Remember a portfolio is a sales tool, like a resume and demo reel. The purpose is to get you an interview which could lead to a job.

ANIMATIONWorld Editor's Notebook

Heather KenyonA success and a failure? As we begin to walk away from the summer what has been gained and what has been lost in the ongoing struggle to expand the reach and success of animation? There have been several victories, and several defeats. As Martin Goodman points out in his article "Summer's Sleepers and Keepers" this summer has seen the strong introduction of different styles and genres of animation something we have long been hoping would happen....