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Who could have predicted this? I just read that Oscar winners live longer. In our case, the Oscar gave our life an instant boost, and a perpetual publicity handle. We managed five nominations, and have been living in the glow ever since. But was Bill Snyder able to melt that golden statuette down into real dollars?

ANIMATIONWorld Animated Causes and Convenience Reign at NATPE 2004

It seemed to be Year of Monkey and causes, at least for animation at NATPE 2004. That and, if you want to sell animation to Latin America, you better have lots of anime. Sarah Baisley compares the NATPE market to previous ones and highlights trends and new offerings.

ANIMATIONWorld Fresh from the Festivals: February 2004’s Film Reviews — A Special More-Significant-Than-Usual Oscar® Edition

Special Oscar Edition! Taylor Jessen reviews five short films: The Hunger Artist by Tom Gibbons, Eternal Gaze by Sam Chen, Rockfish by Tim Miller, Nibbles by Chris Hinton, Destino by Dominique Monfrey, Gone Nutty by Carlos Saldanha. Includes QuickTime movie clips!

ANIMATIONWorld Bardel Sidebar

By Guest (not verified) | Wednesday, February 18, 2004 at 12:00am

That was the question I constantly had to answer while isolated from my old colleagues, and hunkered in this distant and seemingly God-forsaken communist-gripped misery. This chapter answers the question. Was I a pinko? A spy? An enemy agent? A CIA man? Or did I just happen to fall into something too good to be true?