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'Walkie Talkie Man'

Mary Ann Skweres talks to the visual effects wizards who brought the magic to Miramaxs Ella Enchanted.

By Guest (not verified) | Thursday, April 22, 2004 at 12:00am

Walkie Talkie Man Animation: Created by Peter Sluszka, Dancing Diablo's creative partner/director of animation, along with Michel Gondry and Adrian Scartascini.

Creative team: Partizan Entertainment (Los Angeles) led by director Michel Gondry, including producer Julie Fong, director of photography/animator Adrian Scartascini, U.S. music video representative Danielle Hinde, wardrobe Stylist Heidi Bivens, makeup artist Roz Music, and behind the scenes Jeff Buchanan.

Fabrication: The yarn universe was fabricated by production designer Laurie Faggione (Lake, New York) and her staff.

Offline editorial: completed by Charlie Johnston of Lost Planet, Inc. (Santa Monica, California).

Special Effects: provided by The Mill (New York, London) and flame artists: Angus Kneale, Anthony Walsham, Jamie Scott and Jeanette Williford.

Telecine: completed at Company 3 (New York, Santa Monica) by colorist Dave Hussey.

Online editorial: handled by editor Chris Staves of Method Santa Monica).

Final audio effects mix: engineered at Mike Recording (West Los Angeles) by mixer Andy Snavley.

Capitol Records (Hollywood): represented by president Andy Slater and vp of film and video production Kate Miller.

Steriogram is managed by Chip Quigley of Kingdom Ent. (New York City).

Dancing Diablo Studio: Headquartered at DUMBO at 45 Main Street, Suite 524, Brooklyn, New York 11201; Phone (718) 243-0103; Fax (718) 243-0118. Visit the DDS Website at; e-mail: