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Don Bluth Update: More Books, More 'Dragon’s Lair'

Isaac Kerlow looks at recent human 3D character animation developments in The Incredibles and The Polar Express.

By Guest (not verified) | Monday, December 6, 2004 at 12:00am

Animator Gary Goldman, co-author of Don Bluths The Art of Storyboard, tells AWN that there are more books in the works, and more Dragons Lair.

We are in the final edit with Dark Horse at this time, on the second book, Don Bluths Art of Animation Drawing, Goldman says. We are assembling artwork for a third book, Character Design, and a fourth on Layout.

In addition, Digital Leisure has a new version of the Dragons Lair videogame out Dragons Lair III. It is a variation on the Dragons Lair 3D: Return to the Lair which was released in 2002, Goldman says. We did this version based on fan requests for a memory-type game, an alternate of the full-control CG game.

Goldman reports that MV Creations has extended their license to continue the comicbook series they began in 2002. They asked for more time to complete the six-issue series, he says. To date, only three issues were published on each, Dragons Lair and Space Ace.

Dragons Lair has been selling for 19 years on 17 different home entertainment platforms, Goldman adds. Recently we licensed the game for a release in Russia on DVD and CD-ROM, Walt Disney Interactive Internet recently licensed Dragons Lair for use in interactive wireless applications, plus we just completed a polish on Dragons Lair: The Movie, which is back in the hands of distributors for review. It is planned as a traditional animation feature.

Goldman and Bluth also other animation project plans in CGI. There is another completed animation script based on a book entitled Fenwick: A Christmas Story. It is planned as a CG animated feature, to be done in the USA, Goldman says, adding, There are a few more feature projects in the works, but we are not able to discuss them publicly yet.