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Career Coach: The Value of Appreciation

With the Oscars upon us, the Career Coach reminds us that you shouldnt wait until you win an Academy Award to thank the people you work with.

Pamela Kleibrink Thompson.

On March 5, 2006, the stars of the motion picture industry will attend the Academy Awards. As a name is called and a winner is handed the Oscar, you can bet that he or she will thank others he/she worked with. Award recipients always thank others they worked with, because they know that they did not achieve their career success alone. Dont wait until you receive an Academy Award to thank the people you work with.

Make it your tradition and a habit to thank those who support you in your career. Thank those who give you encouragement or goad you into action.

Thank your teachers not only those you met at school, but those youve met at work. Thank your mentors and others who help you, whether youve met them through an online discussion group or industry function. Thank those who have given you feedback on your marketing materials your résumé, cover letter, demo reel, portfolio or website.

Thank customers or clients who have given you work. Thank those who help you complete your work co-workers, subordinates, vendors, consultants or contractors.

I want to thank those who inspire me to write these Career Coach articles as well as those who read them. I also want to thank Animation World Network and others who keep us informed about what is happening in the world of animation.

I want to thank those who volunteer in various organizations like Women in Animation, ASIFA, SIGGRAPH and others who devote their time and energy to promoting animation and sharing their love for animation and experiences with others. These people are an invaluable resource and wealth of information as well as support.

We should be thankful that animation has become ever more popular and omnipresent. Interest in animation continues to grow. There are many websites devoted to various aspects of animation. These websites have helped unite a community where creators can share ideas and feedback, and where enthusiasts can learn more about animation. Animation can be found in videogames, music videos and museums; it can be found on motion picture screens, television sets and wireless devices. With the proliferation of animation, there has been an increase in employment opportunities. Animators work all over the world, in tiny studios in small towns and huge studios in large cities.

Employers should thank their staffs for jobs well done and do so often. Employees will be motivated by an employer who values their efforts.

If you are an employee, thank your boss and employer for your job and giving you the opportunity to work at something you love. It goes without saying that you should always send a thank you note after any interview, whether it is an informational interview or a job interview.

I am grateful to those who have made it possible and continue to make it possible for us to pursue our dreams. I want to thank those who gave us freedom and those who work for peace.

Thank you is a powerful phrase. When someone receives an unexpected thank you it makes him think of you in a positive way. While I was writing this article at my favorite Chinese restaurant, my fortune cookie simply stated the essence of this article, Courtesy pays.

Remember to thank those who have helped and supported you. Giving thanks is a good idea at any time. A little appreciation is always appreciated.

Pamela Kleibrink Thompson has been writing the monthly Career Coach column for more than six years for AWN and is thankful to her readership and to the editors and publishers of AWN for giving her the opportunity to guide others. Pamela is a career coach and recruiter whose clients include Blue Sky Studios, Disney and Digital Domain. She is a frequent speaker at colleges and conferences. She will be speaking at FMX in Stuttgart, Germany in May and at SIGGRAPH 06 in Boston.