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Career Coach: Learn Proper Netiquette

This month the Career Coach, Pamela Kleibrink Thompson, preaches the do's and don'ts of netiquette.

Everyone knows the Internet is a great resource for finding work. But how you behave on the Internet and how you use it can have a profound effect on how effective your search will be.

Make It Easy

You'll have an easier time finding work if you keep this rule in mind: Make it easy on the employer. Keep in mind that he/she is busy and don't make him/her do extra work to hire you.

Be careful about your communication with employers. Check the spelling of any e-mail you send and make sure the content is what you want employers to receive. Keep your communication brief and to the point so it doesn't take forever to read. If you are emailing a question or request, put enough information in your e-mail so your question can be answered.

Getting The Resume Out

If you submit a resume over the Internet, paste it in the body of your e-mail. Do not send it as an attachment as many companies do not open or accept attachments. You can include your Website address as well, but don't expect anyone to go to your Website to retrieve your resume information. If you post your resume to a Website, be sure an e-mail address is included as well as your name.