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That was the question I constantly had to answer while isolated from my old colleagues, and hunkered in this distant and seemingly God-forsaken communist-gripped misery. This chapter answers the question. Was I a pinko? A spy? An enemy agent? A CIA man? Or did I just happen to fall into something too good to be true?

By Guest (not verified) | Wednesday, February 18, 2004 at 12:00am

Company Stats

Bardel Entertainment Inc. (established 1987)548 Beatty StreetVancouver, BC V6B 2L3 CanadaPhone: 604-669-5589Fax: 604-669-5589 ext.

Early Influences

Barry Ward, president, Bardel Entertainment: My first memories of cartoons were Saturday morning TV, like Mighty Mouse, Popeye and Tom Terrific. As far as movies go, I remember seeing Fantasia as a kid, and thought the film was boring except for the Night on Bald Mountain sequence.

Delna Bhesania, ceo, Bardel Entertainment:I had watched cartoons as a child but not thought much of them. It wasnt until I met my partner, Barry Ward, that I paid much thought to how they were made or how much work went into each frame of film. While he was working in Ottawa at Atkinsons Arts, I remember going to see Fantasia with a group of animators. I sat through the movie thoroughly mesmerized by the artwork and music but the animators pointed out every paint pop and mistake on screen. I then realized just how seriously they took the business of animation.

Cathy Schoch, vp of development and production, Bardel Entertainment:My favorite cartoons were always the Looney Tunes. I was a cartoon addict and set my alarm so I could wake up in time to see everything on Saturdays. I made my cereal, laid down on the couch, and promptly fell back asleep again. I never seemed to notice which cartoon was better animated; I was always far too involved in the stories. But the really good cartoons stuck out. I was always able to appreciate the timing in the old WB cartoons.