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For Artists/Entrepeneurs

Animal Logic creates a series of interstitials to complement Cartoon Networks international rebranding effort. Includes QuickTime clips!

By Guest (not verified) | Monday, February 21, 2005 at 12:00am

**For artists/entrepreneurs, when they're not organizing receipts:

Trapped in the Net: The Unanticipated Consequences of Computerization by Gene I. Rochlin (, but especially chapter 4, "Taylorism Redux?"

**People/things to see/do/read/hear for financiers when they're not taking long walks in the rain, in alphabetical order:

Akira, Ridley Scott's Alien, Amazing Stories, Tex Avery, Jean-Michel Basquiat, the Beat generation, Bambaata, Charles Bargue, Clive Barker's books and films, Basil the Great Mouse Detective, B-Dub,Stefano Benni, Chris Beyrer, Rhona Bitner, Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, Blood the Last Vampire, Blue Magic, Dennis Brown, Italo Calvino, Canadian photographers Michael Awad and Janieta Eyre, Raymond Carver, The Chi-lites, Bob Clampett, Sam Cooke, Kid Creole, R. Crumb, Leonardo Da Vinci, The Day The Earth Stood Still starring Michael Rennie, Charles Dickens, Matt Dike, Walt Disney's Jungle Book, Song Of The South, Snow White, Pinocchio, 101 Dalmatians, etc.; Don Martin; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Spencer Tracy made in 1941; the silent version with John Barrymore made in the `20s and the 1936 version starring Fredrick March; Dutch animators Husko Hulsing and Börge Ring; Brian Eno; Fab 5 Freddy; Ennio Flaiano; Gustave Flaubert; Forbidden Planet staring Leslie Neilsen; Fritz the Cat; Marvin Gaye; UPA's 1954 short Gerald McBoing-Boing; Ghost in the Shell; Bob Godfrey; Good Morning Babylon; The Hair Bear Bunch; Mike Mignola's Hell Boy; Charlton Heston's legs; comic artist Jamie Hewlett; Hispanic and south American literature; Hitchcock's Psycho, The Birds, Frenzy, etc.; O. Henry; Billie Holiday; Hong; Kong Phooey; Hundertwasser; Illusion of Life; Inherit the Wind starring Spencer Tracy; Anne Rice's Interview With a Vampire; Brad Bird's Iron Giant; The Isley Brothers; Mahalia Jackson; Jacob's Ladder; Chuck Jones; R. Kelly; Alicia Keys; Steven King; Louis Lamour; John Lennon; Primo Levi; Great magicians like Dai Vernon, Dean Dill, Michael Ammar, John Carney, Michael Weber, David Williamson and David Copperfield; Edouard Manet; Don Martin; Marvel veteran comicbook artists like John Romita, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko,;Guy de Maupassant; Winsor McKay; The Meters; Michelangelo; Claude Monet; Nelly; Billy Paul; Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell Tale Heart; The Pogues; Prince; Queneau; the Ramones; The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand; Rembrandt; Pierre-August Renoir; the first Rocky; Philip Roth; Hubert Selby Jr.; Shakespeare; The Spinners; Miyazaki's Spirited Away; Henri BeyleStendhal; The Stylistics; The Time Machine starring Rod Taylor made in the '60s; original The Thing and John Carpenter's version; Roland Topor; The Triplets of Belleville; Twelve Angry Men starring Henry Fonda; underground comics of the sixties; Vincent Van Gogh; Elio Vittorini; H.G. Wells; Wacky Races; Stevie Wonder; The World According to Garp; Barry White; Tapper Zukie, etc.