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Cartoon Headline News

Tooned! Talk Show To Launch On TV Tropolis This Spring

Breakthrough Films & Television's live-action factual series, TOONED, is scheduled to debut on Canada's TV Tropolis on Friday, March 19, 2010 during the 11:30/19:30/22:00 time slots, it was announced today by Ira Levy and Peter Williamson, executive producers and founders of Breakthrough.

Animation Blogs

The Frog and the Goldfish: A Tale of Two Princesses

It's been an interesting time for animation this spring in cinemas. Two new features are competing for audience attention, Ponyo from Studio Ghibli and Disney Animation Studio's latest The Princess and the Frog. Their parallel release is further energised by the way they promote traditional drawn animation.


Production Profile: 'Masterpieces On The Road'

From Vincent van Gogh to Claude Monet to Gustav Klimt to Jungsun to Jang Seung-Up, Masterpieces on the Road offers a glimpse at 26 legendary artists’ life and their arts. You will hear a story never told and discover pieces never seen. By examining meaningful events in their lives, you will get to know more real side of the artists.


Production Profile: 'Kommi'

Tony and Maria, the adoptive parent of Kommi, are a famous geologist and a genius physicist in Australia. The family went on to expedition together in New Zealand where they found a shrine that appeared to be built by an alien. They also found a fresco that describes the secret of the universe and a legend that seven heroes will save the world with the power of skipping rope.


Company Profile: 'Dongwoo Animation CO, Ltd.'

Established in 1991, Dongwoo Animation Co., Ltd. (“Dongwoo Animation”) is a leading entertainment company whose business area covers 2D and 3D animation production, distribution, toy manufacturing, and character licensing. The company houses 50 animation directors and 350 animators along with a state-of-the-art HD editing system.


Company Profile: ' Big Star Enterprise, INC.'

From the early stages of the Korean animation production business in the 1980’s, Big Star Enterprise, Inc. has been a leading animation production company, since its establishment in 1986. Big Star is one of the few studios in Korea that provides animation services in the major animation mediums – traditional, CG and flash.